Code of Conduct

code of conduct imgThe team at Continuous Lifecycle London endeavours to ensure all participants, regardless of their gender, ethnic origin, religion, belief, disability, age or sexual identity, have a discrimination and harassment free conference.

If, during the event, any harassment or other undesirable behaviour occurs, the organizers will work to ensure that this is stopped immediately.

Undesirable behaviour includes insulting, discriminatory or sexual words and pictures in lectures, workshops, and evening events, and in the use of online media such as Twitter or Facebook.

This includes unwanted text, sound or images in private or public chat. Also included is any use of insulting images and sounds, harassing, stalking and intentionally disruptive behaviour that leads to repeated disruption of parts of the event.

Sponsors and partners are also subject to the code of conduct. In particular, they should not use sexualized images, activities, or other material.

If participants are victims of, or witness, such behaviour, please contact the organizing team.

The team at Continuous Lifecycle London will take all such concerns seriously and will decide how to respond to them appropriately.