Lost production and not sure why? Track your code releases!

Microservices are great. They are easily deployable, scalable and by definition, they are small, flexible and many. However, one big challenge in a microservices tech estate is understanding cause and effect. How to track various code releases, happening multiple times a day, pushed by various different teams in a completely random order, which may break another service or a business function was a real challenge at the FT.
I will talk about our journey from manually creating Change Requests to an integrated, automated change log process. Along with some unexpected ways we ended up using this data, I will cover the tools and methods we used to get it adopted across engineering.

Required audience experience

Open to all levels of engineers interested in automation and solutions to common microservices tech problems

Objectives of the talk

  • Emphasise the value of tracking code releases centrally
  • Expected and unexpected ways we are now using change releases
  • How to incentivise teams to add release logs to their deployment pipelines using nudge theory

Location: Date: May 11, 2021 Time: 10:15 am - 11:15 am Nikita Lohia, FT Nikita Lohia, Financial Times